#1 2014-02-13 01:51:05


batch manager tag fail. what happened?

I went through about 1400 photos using the batch manager and tagged them.

Batch Manager > Action > Add tags > apply tag.

I had the photos filtered using the photos "with no tag" and when I refreshed the photo set, these photos were no longer included, meaning they now had tags.

But, when chose a tag under Gallery > Menu > Tags and select a tag that I know there should be a dozen photos tagged under, there are only 2 listed.

Under Administration > Photos > Tags it says I have 25 orphan tags. There shouldn't be any, since they were created by applying them to a photo.

Is all my work lost? Any clue what happened?

Piwigo version: 2.6
PHP version: 5.3.27
MySQL version: 5.5.35-cll
Piwigo URL: http://



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