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#1 2015-07-21 18:44:24


Another Piwigo-Wordpress-Plugin

Hi there, I have played a lot with the existing Piwigo/Wordpress plugins but none of them seem to be close to want I am looking for.

My idea is to have a Piwigo Database that serves multiple wordpress installations as kind of an image repository. Like my own stock archive. There I would want to select an image and have it than pulled into the Wordpress installation. That's all. No fancy "display the piwigo gallery or anything like that.

The problem: I am not a good coder and this thing is a bit over my head. So I would need someone who thinks this is a great idea and actually CAN WRITE some code or maybe guide me to get this going.  :-)

This is what I have in mind:

1. We would want to be able to authenticate to piwigo because the album we want to choose an image from may or may not be public.
2. piwigo returns a list of albums available to us. We select an album or enter a freeform keyword search  and hand our request to piwigo.
3. piwigo returns the list of image thumbnails that are displayed in the plugin tab. We select one image.
4. The plugin allows us to set what size (piwigo sizes) we want and if we want the metadata to be stripped or not.
5. Piwigo renders that image for us and sends it to the plugin.
(Bonus) 5.1 we store the originals image source url.
6 we disconnect from piwigo.
7. if selected in the plugin a predefined (plugin settings) watermark is added to the image.
7.1 if entered a photo credit will be rendered right onto the image.
8. The plugin hands the image to wordpress' built in regular upload mechanism that includes it to the local database and makes it fully locally available.
8.1 the image source url and wordpress id are stored to the database.
9. The plugin adds a new option to the image klick settings "visit image source" and adds the stored url for href generation. (In case it is not public, piwigo will do a fallback to the gallery's main page)

Now the big fun part: The whole thing preferably will work on a Multisite.

Anyone having an idea on where to start with making this possible?


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