#1 2015-12-13 16:06:58


Path error in AStat 2


I moved the whole website from one server to another, and so the installation pathes changed.
Many errors in Piwigo happened but could be fixed by replacing the new path directions in some files.
Now after a while, everything is working fine with just one problem left, and i'm not able to find the right file to edit.

When i enter the plugin AStat (Version 2.4.4), on the very first page, if i click the link it uses the wrong/old path.
Where is the file i have to edit this one?


Thx very much!

Piwigo version: 2.7.4
PHP version: 5.5.27
MySQL version: 5.1.36


#2 2015-12-14 02:47:25


Re: Path error in AStat 2

May it be possible this is a problem with the change from mysql to mysqli?
Do i just have to wait for the plugin to be updated?


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