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#1 2017-03-09 13:34:20


Static Album Location on a Map

Hi all

Just getting some IP camera images to come into piwigo via a perl script

That seems to be working so far - have a bit of work yet though

As I have a number of cameras what Im trying to avoid is tagging all photos that come with the exiftool as all the images in the album will then show on the openstreetmap plugin. and its juts too busy looking.

I just want the camera location on a map not all the photos under it.

What Ive done so far is put a GPS tagged thubnail for the album image and that is putting the location on a map.

Hopefully any images under this album wont then be shown on a map

Its a bit clunky but without more detailed scripting seems to be the best way around I hope

The only issue with this is that there will always be a static image of the location in the album - thats no problem I suppose but if anyone can think of another way to do this it would be appreciated

Piwigo version: Piwigo 2.8.6


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