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Page Banner Hidden on Mobile


I am setting up Piwigo within a website and I want to give the users the opportunity to return to the rest of the website. I don't want to run Piwigo within an iframe because in the mobile presentation this would reduce the amount of screen space available. So all I need is to be able to link back to the rest of the website with a simple html link. On desktop, this works, I have the link in the page banner, set within Piwigo configuration. But this page banner is hidden in mobile view. I am using the theme bootstrap darkroom.

I have managed to find a plugin that provides a link at the footer but as this is hidden from view until the user scrolls, it is less satisfactory than a link at the top.

I feel sure there must be a simple way to fix this if only I knew it! I did look at an old thread on this but that seemed to be out of date.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


Piwigo version: latest - new install
PHP version: latest
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL:



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