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What are _piwigo8c3 and, _pwg1 databases?

Howdy. I have a previous post asking how to make some changes to my piwigo pages without live access to the pages.

That didn't work so now I'm contemplating either deleting and starting over or deleting just the problem areas. My host says I have problems in my "mydomain_piwigo8c3" and "mydomain_pwg1" databases and they've blocked access until I fix them. I have no idea how to fix them.

What are these databases? Is there a way to access and edit them through my host's cpanel? What do I lose if I just delete them? Will Piwigo re-create them?

Part of my fix is to migrate to a new host.


Piwigo version: don't know because I can't get into my site. Recent upgrade was not installed.
PHP version:
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL: http://



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Piwigo Team

Re: What are _piwigo8c3 and, _pwg1 databases?

we can't tell what is just by name

Piwigo just need one database and any database

Here you seems to have two database named with Piwigo, so it might be from an automatic script of installation

And to access them check the faq of your hoster or ask them, that's their job

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