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INTRO: Observations: 1st Opening Page or Slash Page? URL Structure...+

Greetings to all!
What a great platform here. Congrats on the longevity. I have used Piwigo off and on at another URL for a while, and am now in the middle of rebranding. The collections have been moved with no problem. We had no previous comment and the view numbers did not matter.

Looking at this new installation of 2.9, I am attempting to modify as much as possible using the resources available through the community so that the process can be easily replicated by other users in my niche industry. Yet there are a few things I'd like to address for continued development by either the main source or by extension.

It would be pleasing to be able to have more content to the main and gallery pages than what is copied below the preview and on the page. The blurb should not be exactly the same as the next page's content.

It would be nice to add some introductory content on the main page. This Landing Page of keyword or Splash Page of a Random/Assigned work, or best yet, a combination of the two would be optimal. I had previously achieved control over the main page of the domain my hard coding it to draw from piwigo, but it would be much better if there was a way that anyone could access this kind of content control via the admin panel.

I have also spent too much time trying to modify the URL structure. This is another concern of mine. Not only would i rather use the word "collection" instead of "category" but I would rather there be a simple hierarchy namespace used and php inferred by default. Domain/GalleryName/WorkName would be more human readable for sharing on social sites, but also when referencing the location in print.

Also, it seems that there have been several users over the years who have seen the importance of selling digital content. Instead of going all the way to the payment gateway headache, there could be perhaps an invoice system to the extent that upon checkout the shopping cart content and totals are sent to both the shop admin and the user placing the order. As there could be different requirements (email, confirm) set for the users to be able to place orders there is also a notion that eventually there could be a more advanced system in place. Such a system would allow the user who uploaded the image to get invoiced, the purchaser and the site admin get a copy of the report. This way the admin can check if a conflict arises. Otherwise, each party gets to leave feedback at the end of the transaction. Ever been to the lego aftermarket website Bricklink?

I understand that the last request is a bit more in-depth than a simple splash-page request. However, I would really like to see how active the community is still here by interacting with it. So here you go, please lmk what you think about any of this.


Piwigo version: 2.9
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