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Lots of questions based on lots of topics.


I am using Piwigo with XAMPP for making a family archive with possibilities of localhosting+possibilities of Piwigo(tagging, picking up albums etc.). And as I have no idea about PHP nor server setup, I had lots of hassles. I looked up for them, but nope, even if I tried the solutions, I couldn't accomplish them.

PS.: I have a 2TB hard drive which is divided to 2, one 150 gig programs+Windows 10 and one 1.6TB archive itself. And the program itself has to have permission on the disk itself, and it is not on another server, just in home PC.

First problem: While converting analog videos to digital, no compressions were used. And one one-and-a-half hour family video is around 20-45 gigs, and everytime I tried to upload it, it said "file too large (unknown) Clip 0-61.avi". I tried to change(in php.ini) upload_max_filesize to 0, post_max_size to 0 and LimitRequestBody to 0 in the necessary file(I forgot it) and still can't do it. Is it a problem with HTTP itself or something? Looks like the only possible way to do it is SFTP, and I don't know how to use it, I probably will learn it anyway.

Second problem: VideoJS not showing up videos. I uploaded some short 1-2 min clips but I couldn't watch it back. I can download them, or see it's size or other things, but can't play it digitally. I tried 2 browsers, changed VideoJS5-6-7 and eventually to browser's player but nope, couldn't do it.

Third problem: Changing the upload_dir didn't work(as I said in PS, it isn't on a remote server), whenever I tried to write $conf['upload_dir'] = 'D:/Albums/'; to LocalFile Editor, I can't upload photos. I can press upload, choose the file and press OK, but after that, a filled/or non-filled bar shows up and I can't even press cancel. The photo that I tried to upload was around 50 KB, not a big one. But when I removed the conf command, I can upload it.
The reason why I don't just download XAMPP/htdocs/Piwigo to 1.6 TB disk is I had lots of unknown problems with Piwigo/XAMPP that I can't manage to fix, and I had to delete/reinstall it too many times that I am afraid of losing an entire uploaded album to an unfixable problem.

Fourth, but not necessary problem: I think the problem is in the database, but I can't log in sometimes. It just softlocks in the login page, and I can't log in. Database's user page shows that username-salt hashed passwords still exist, but I can't log in with any account.

That is all problems I had, and I'll repeat, I am a newbie and I don't have much idea. So please, explain the solutions like I am five.

Edit: Last problem, the photo-videos that I directly uploaded to upload direction without piwigo is not shown, and if I actually can make it shown while copying like this, the first problem will not be a hassle anymore.

Edit2: I just saw the tool of site manager, and even if I write upload_dir command to LocalFile Editor, the directory looks like it is in /galleries/ which is in C:/xampp/htdocs/piwigo, which I'd like to make it D:/Albums.
I tried to click "create a new site" and wrote D:/Albums, didn't accept. Wrote D:\Albums, didn't accept again.

PS.2: I downloaded a previous version of XAMPP, as I saw in somewhere else that PHP 7.1 was compatible while PHP 7.2 was not.
Piwigo version: 2.10.2
PHP version: 7.1.31
MySQL version: MariaDB is 10.4, couldn't find MySQL's.
Piwigo URL: Localhost itself, no chance.

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Only trying to help

Re: Lots of questions based on lots of topics.

AFAIK $conf['upload_dir'] has to be a path relative to the Piwigo directory. On Unix/Linux that could be a (symbolic) link pointing to a different location or mount, no idea what that would be in Windows world.

Running Piwigo at



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Re: Lots of questions based on lots of topics.

I might be able to provide some sort of assistance regarding two of the many issues you raised in your post. The first one is file size. You can try reducing the size of your videos using ffmpeg. Here's a relevant thread in Stackexchange that might be of interest to you: … ith-ffmpeg

While it may not necessarily solve your problem with uploading the files, it might allow you to save quite a bit of space. Note that ffmpeg is usually run using cmd, bash, powershell etc.

The second point you raised is about VideoJS. I am having issues with the plugin myself, which is why I decided to abandon it. However, with Chrome everything seems to be working fine. So while it is a solution that is a non-solution (it's silly to change a browser just to be able to play videos on one website), it might work for you. And if your videos are intended for use by family members, using Chrome for that may not be that much of a hassle. You can also try using different version of JS, which is something the plugin supports (just check the plugin's interface under administration).

And regarding XAMPP, I have had problems with MySQL corruption a number of times now. I don't know if it's really Piwigo that's at fault here, but it is usually recommended to run XAMPP as an Administrator and close/quit processes properly, i.e. in the XAMPP program you should always press the 'quit' buttons in order to terminate processes (e.g. MySQL and Apache) instead of just closing the program itself.

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Re: Lots of questions based on lots of topics.

Thanks for the help.

My solutions were simple:
The first problem was solved by directly copying to the galleries folder.
Second problem is still unknown, my assumption is the allowed RAM is not enough, or image progressing is not enough. I can watch MP4's but not AVI's. I tried Firefox+Chrome, no joy.
The third problem was somewhat impossible to fix, so I directly downloaded XAMPP to 1.6 TB part.
Last problem was my bad, I actually forgot to upload the photos to inside of an another folder.

Fourth problem hasn't showed up YET, but I'll probably copy necessary MYSQL folders than delete MYSQL itself, then restore XAMPP.

Now, my only question is how can I overwrite metadata's photo creation date to photo itself(like, I don't know how to explain but some photos were already dated in Piwigo itself correctly without my touch, but some others aren't like that. I can see the file(photo) creation date via EXIF tools, but it doesn't show up in Piwigo.

Edit: I just have to press Sync Metadata button, my bad again.

Edit2: I haven't found any option that writes the date automatically from metadata, but I've found an easier way.
In an album(atleast in mine), the photo numeric identifier of the photos are nearly the same, starts with 17518, continues with just adding +1 till the end of the album.
When you press sync metadata, it adds "&sync_metadata=1" to link, and it stays there until you make a change. And if you just change the numeric identifier in the link, it automatically syncs the metadata of the photo that you opened by changing the numeric identifier. And if you can make it 2 secs per photo, it takes 5-6 minutes to change 200 photos. Nice enough, as the alternatives are reading the metadata yourself then changing the date or pressing the sync button everytime.

Edit3: First flaw to the synchronization system: Rear camera photos dates are tagged normally, while front camera photos's dates are tagged in the moment of the sync, like if I sync it in 3:42 AM(I stood up late) 7/25/2020, it shows as that date/time.
The phone that was shot with is iPhone 5C, one rear camera (3264x2448) and one front camera (1280x720).

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