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Tools->Synchronize directory meta-data?


I'm looking for a way to migrate a larger gallery to Piwigo (as others).
Directories (albums) have name and description.
Media files have name and description (medias being jpg, png, gif, mpeg, avi).

The Tools->Synchronize seems to handle meta-data from jpegs, but I haven't found a way to get meta-data from other files and for directories...

Am I missing something?
Should I look for another method or plugin?

I was thinking something like having a .metadata file to accompany every file and directory, containing the meta data to use.
Perhaps with a file format like Piwigo-field-name=value and escaped \n for multiline text (descriptions)?
Would also be nice for exports :-)

    Piwigo 11.5.0
    Operating system: Linux
    PHP: 7.4.15 (Show info) [2021-06-14 15:38:33]
    MySQL: 5.5.5-10.5.10-MariaDB-2 [2021-06-14 15:38:33]
    Graphics Library: ImageMagick 6.9.11-60



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Only trying to help

Re: Tools->Synchronize directory meta-data?

Directories don't have metadata, other files than jpeg probably neither (apart from some media file formats), at least not something that Piwigo would read (Exif|IPTC). Your current gallery probably stores those in a database. You can take a look at the source code of [extension by plg] Menalto2Piwigo to see if it gives you an idea what could be migrated from a database.

Running Piwigo at



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Re: Tools->Synchronize directory meta-data?

I've checked the menalto2piwigo importer, as you suggest, but I think I failed to convey my point:

I'm looking for a more generic gallery exchange mechanism (my gallery was not menalto gallery 2 or 3). A mechanism where one can use standard command line tools to extract, convert, and migrate galleries (that would more or less eliminate the need for X2piwigo and Y2piwigo and Z2piwigo plugins).

One such mechanism could be representing Albums as directories and media as files in those directories, each accompanied by a separate meta-data file in simple text format. Piwigo could then deliver/require meta-data as line-based field-value-pairs: e.g. Caption=..., Description=..., ...
If Piwigo could export in the same way, then backup and replication, or other integration could be done without knowing PHP or the internal workings of Piwigo. (Of course, more advanced things would still be harder to migrate).

I guess such is not readily available.

What would be the simplest approach for me to get such a tool running (apart from getting someone else to write it of course :-) (wink wink))? Any sufficiently simple plugin I could base it on? Something even simpler than menalto2piwigo?



#4 2021-06-14 22:37:33

Piwigo Team

Re: Tools->Synchronize directory meta-data?

Just to add some commentary here... 

I was recently looking at some modifications for the VideoJS plugin and see that in this plugin that metadata is handled (for videos) exclusive of Piwigo in another table in the DB. 

This could be a starting point for seeing how it's done as it has the capability of extracting/reading metadata via several different toolsets that may (or may not) be available on a given platform.

Fairly certain that this could be a 'relatively' easy plugin to write should someone have the desire and skill.



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