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Jan Becket

Remote Sync


Because the AlloyPhoto Lightroom to Piwigo export plugin is no longer functioning, I am looking for other ways to maintain my websites.  Remote Sync looks like a good one but it is not listed under "other plugins available" in my admin menus. There does not appear to be a way to bring it directly into Piwigo - unless I have missed something. To further complicate things, it calls itself an extension, not a plugin. Is there a difference between those two terms?

I can of course download the Remote Sync extension but then it just ends up on my computer in my downloads folder. Not very helpful. Do I now need to access my website files and copy that folder into the plugins folder there? I can do that, but want to make sure first that doing so will not mess up the database.

Is there a discussion somewhere of the added functionality when Remote Sync is added to the existing Synchronize command in the Tools menu? Does it entirely replace Synchronize? The docs I've read so far have been sketchy. Perhaps I just missed something.

Oh, one more question. Is anyone using Jeffrey Friedl's Collection Publisher ( in conjunction with Remote Sync? It looks like they might work well together in an upload workflow.

Thanks for any help!

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