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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo 2.6.0RC2

Dear Piwigo beta-testers,

Piwigo 2.6 Release Candidate 2 is waiting for your tests (and only your tests, so don't install it on your live website). To learn more about new features of Piwigo 2.6, you can read previous announcements:

* announcement for 2.6.0beta1
* announcement for 2.6.0beta2
* announcement for 2.6.0RC1

1) Changes

Here is the list of changes compared to Piwigo 2.6.0RC1:

* [Bugtracker, ticket 3009, fixed] Add 'latitude' and 'longitude' fields in images table
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2869, fixed] support TIFF
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3003, fixed] Rename trigger_event and trigger_action
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2953, fixed] Undefined index: QUERY_STRING on admin.php
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3004, fixed] remove icon missing on iPad for linked albums

2) Screenshots

Not this time! Changes are mostly "technical".

3) Start to beta test

Download Piwigo 2.6.0RC2

We need you to test this release candidate. Really.

You can browse a Piwigo 2.6, but the biggest changes are on administration side. The best way to test is to install Piwigo 2.6 on your test environnement. If you want a test environment, ask us and we will provide one!

Happy 2.6 beta testing!

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