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#1 2010-04-01 14:30:37

Piwigo Team
Pourrières (83) [FR]

[Admin] Dashboard modeling

Currently, in the administration one finds the menubar on the left which takes certain places.
All the remainder of the width is available.

Many pages are built on this large column and certain lines are very poor. It do not contain that very can of information/options. As a result, the page is very long.

Can one think of:
A) To put a horizontal menubar (important space saver).
B) To condense certain pages as well as possible to fill out the pages not to have more with going down too much.

With => There exists grinds solution in particular to make horizontal simple and very functional menubar with jQuery.
B => It will thus be necessary to start by determining a width minimum.

With you to read; -)

Edit: typos in title

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#2 2010-04-03 01:29:01

Former Piwigo Team

Re: [Admin] Dashboard modeling

We can also consider now to have a minimum width and plan to have a left menu and a two-column layout to display things in a more compact way, as we already do for categories display.

A good test page will be Categories management page...


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