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North Yorkshire, UK

Graphic Glitch on new site - missing icons ?


I have a photo album which is configured fine on one site but I need to move the entire album to a new server as my previous one is a little expensive.

Not knowing how to "move" the entire gallery from one server to another I decided to do a clean install on the new server and start afresh (this is going to be fun !!!)

However, the install seemed to go ok but I am noticing some icons missing on the banner line which is a pain.

Next to  Albums instead of seeing the magnifying glass it displays "start filter" and further to the right instead of displaying the "flag" for language preference I get "Engli" and it is cut off - the slideshow, calendar and display by calendar date icons are not there either.

I have tried to find these mission icons comparing both installations via FTP but I cannot.

Is it an icon problem or is one of my .php files configured incorrectly ?  I believe I have installed the package together with the plugins correctly as no error messages came up. Or is it something else and I am being thick  ;)

I do not know how to upload the screenshot of the two to show what I mean so I have provided the link to both sites - it is fairly obvious to see.

Sorry to be a pain !


Original site - working fine:
New site - graphics problem:



#2 2011-07-11 14:55:59

Piwigo Team

Re: Graphic Glitch on new site - missing icons ? … g.png=> erreur 403
check the security level of your files and folders

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#3 2011-07-12 00:08:39

North Yorkshire, UK

Re: Graphic Glitch on new site - missing icons ?

Many thanks for your quick response - the problem was exactly as you described - I performed a chmod on the offending files and all is now super.

Thank you so much once again for your help - I am hanging on to this coding with my fingernails, quite a learning experience and you have saved me hours of frustration.

I really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,


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