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#1 2018-03-06 20:41:09


Exclusive search on Keywords/Tags (Persons)


I'm not sure if other had this need, but I desperately needed to search on Fotos based on exclusive tag search.

Let me explain my point:
Lets say I have created a group tag for persons. Currently if you search by some person, lets say 'Alex' you will get as a result all the Photos were Alex tag is used. It will include also Photos where Alex and many other people are. But my need is sometimes (actually quite often) is to search only and only persons (tags) exclusively selected in the search. E.g. I would like to see only some persons and 2 particular persons on the picture and noone else. It makes much more easier, e.g. when you are preparing some photo extract for some particular need/e.g. printed album for a present or just for showing to someone only those photos where only he/or she is and e.g. some other person.

I have developed this functionality in my own installation and it is working like a charm. But I dont have any Idea how to develop this as an extension or how to possibly process with this as a feature request. I could provide all the code changes I have done and demo the functionality, but I want to know how to proceed.

Now I need to every time (depending on the update) to install my changes. Approx 6 different files.

I love piwigo and would like to improve it with this feature. I think this kind of exclusive search is really cool and it is one reason why I choosed Piwigo as I knew that I could develop this myself...

With respect

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#2 2018-03-07 07:40:36


Re: Exclusive search on Keywords/Tags (Persons)



#3 2018-03-16 08:56:03

Fremantle, Western Australia

Re: Exclusive search on Keywords/Tags (Persons)

It's usually not a great idea to modify the core files, because as you say it makes upgrades a bit of a pain. :-)

I'm a bit confused about your feature though; could you explain more? It sounds like you want to be able to search for just those photos that have all of a given set of keywords, is that right? But that's built into Piwigo by default isn't it?



#4 2018-08-30 14:14:01


Re: Exclusive search on Keywords/Tags (Persons)

I can see issues with this.  Your solution may be too specific.  You have found just Alex.  But what if you are looking for pictures of Alex and Claire, but no one else?  What if you want Alex and one of the kids, Mike, John, or Susan, but not two of the kids.

Caveat:  I'm new to Piwago, and may have some bad assumptions about how it works internally.

One of the problems with many photo management apps is the lack of facets:

How do you distinguish between photos tagged "Alex" a person, and ones tagged "Alex" a small town in central Alberta?

How do I search for pix of Alex during his visit to Calgary?

This is where facets come in.  A facet in essence is a bundle of keywords on a given topic.  So People is a facet.  Location is a facet. Picture class (candid, portrait, formal, landscape, closeup...) is a facet.  Weather is a facet.  Mood is a facet.

So that last search becomes People:Alex City:Calgary

If you implement facets (codeword colon is one way to do it, but the devil is in the details) you need two special elements:  Something that means "not applicable."  Not all pictures have people in them, hence "People:N/A" and one that allows you to search for pictures that have not had a particular facet defined.  E.g. you want to search for all pictures that don't have a People: facet so you can add this information.  I would suggest N/P for not present.  Another useful term would be one that allows you to flag a facet as incomplete.  E.g. You have a grad photo, and you've figured out who 18 people are, but not the last 6.  You could use something like People:Inc


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