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Automatic naming of albums while synchronization


since yesterday I'm using Piwigo, after presenting my about 27.000 private photos in a static web gallery created by JAlbum in the last years. I'm absolutely impressed now!!!

But I have a question: My gallery has got about 400 nested folders (albums). Folders which contain images have names like "2018-11-06_Tierpark_Berlin". For JAlbum I created a small application which sets the title of each album to something like "6.11. Tierpark Berlin", automatically created from the folder name ("2018-11-06_Tierpark_Berlin"). Is something like this also possible with Piwigo, in any way? I'm thinking about a file in each synchronized physical folder, which contains the album name. Or something like this. Does anybody have an idea how this can be done? Is there a plugin maybe already which reads out such a description file?

Best regards and many thanks in advance

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