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Stephen Winters

[SOLVED] unrecoverable error: ./_data/templates_c no write access

My Piwigo website has been up and running wonderfully for about 9 years. I love Piwigo.
However, now my Piwigo gallery is completely down, doesn't work.
The only thing that shows is a blank page with this error message:
Piwigo encountered an unrecoverable error
./_data/templates_c no write access

#1    mkgetdir /home/winterss/public_html/pgallery/include/template.class.php(116)
#2    Template::__construct /home/winterss/public_html/pgallery/include/
#3    include_once /home/winterss/public_html/pgallery/index.php(26)

I run Piwigo on a shared hosting Linux cPanel Account. At about the first of this year, my host upgraded the PHP from 5.x.x to 7.2.13. I'm not sure if this was the cause, but the problem with Piwigo happened roughly about the same time.

Here are only a couple of the things that I've been trying:
I have been searching the Internet and this forum for the last couple days
On this forum, I saw this message thread:  which I found nothing useful

Then I found this message thread:
*Trying to follow the first message by erAck I went inside the cPanel and looked in WHM for an ACL (Access Control List) and could not find it. (I'm not really sure what I'd do with it anyway. Maybe if I saw it something would make sense.) To learn more about ACL I went to this website: … trol+Lists
From those pages I learned the ACL is a WHM plugin. However, when I looked at the WHM Plugin section, there was no ACL listed, only a Softaculous plugin. In the WHM search box I searched for both ACL and Access Control List. I also looked through the various WHM sections and couldn't find any mention of ACL. Now, going on....

* Then I saw this message:

teekay wrote:

You said CentOS 7, so could be SElinux-related
What does following command spit out (as root):


# getenforce

So, I logged into my website with pUTTY and navigated to the root of my Piwigo installation and typed "getenforce". The message I received was "Disabled".

I am also doing more research and trying whatever I can find. Can someone give me some advice or a direction to go? Thanks

I'm not a coder or a programmer, but I can do research and try to follow directions.

Best Wishes,

cPanel Version    76.0 (build 15)
Apache Version    2.4.37
Piwigo version: 2.9.4
PHP version: 7.2.13
MySQL version: 10.2.21-MariaDB-log
Piwigo URL:

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Stephen Winters
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#2 2019-01-14 00:17:29

Stephen Winters

Re: [SOLVED] unrecoverable error: ./_data/templates_c no write access

OK, I got it working. I'm putting the details here in case anyone else has this problem.
This is what I did. I looked closely at the error message:
"Piwigo encountered an unrecoverable error
./_data/templates_c no write access"

I then compared that to the path to my Piwigo directory structure in cPanel, which is located here "public_html/foldername/_data/templaces_c"

I finally realized that this part of the error message
"./_data/templates_c no write access" represented the directory structure of Piwigo.

Since I prefer going into the cPanel files section to make changes, that is what I did. (Looking back, I could have just as easily used pUTTY or Filezilla to make the changes) After going into the cPanel Files Section I navigate to "public_html/foldername/_data/templaces_c". I looked at the permissions of both the _data folder (permissions set at 0777) and the templates_c folder (which was set at 0755). As an experiment I reset the permissions on the templates_c folder to 0777 and then I tested going to my website. THEN PIWIGO WORKED! All it took was resetting the permissions of the templates_c  folder. I don't know what it stopped working or if the permissions got changed somehow. But now it works!

Best Wishes,

Stephen Winters
An upholsterer since 1966, who has a passion for writing, computers, photography & video |



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