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#1 2009-11-23 22:03:04

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

web API, supported request format

Hi Piwigo coding team and rvelices in particular,

In [Forum, post 110379 by rvelices in topic 15460] help with Ploader login you write:

rvelices wrote:

The story of all this: When I started the web service, I wanted to implement xml rpc and json as formats for the requests. This feature has never made it to the web service, however the code that looks for xml or json format in input is there (ws.php line 323)...

Of course, this is a very interesting point for me :-) (as I mainly work in ws.php and include/ for pLoader integration)

Can you remind what are the currently supported format for request: GET/POST (as said in tools/ws.htm). You also write about XML-RPC and JSON. Would that also mean SOAP?

Do you think it is useful to try to support many input format? aren't the GET/POST methods not enough? do you think some 3rd party softwares need these advanced format for communication?



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