#1 2011-01-11 16:17:11


Ploader Watermark


I currently use piwigo simple black theme and use pLoader to upload my pics. I use the watermark option on this tool and I love it. Except that it only has two color options for the text. Black and White....some times its very difficult to select the text color as my few pics have a white backgrounds or other have black....

I would love to see an option in PLoader to upload an image/symbol/logo as a watermark. This way I can create a custom image/symbol/logo on every pic that upload with PLoader.

If this option is very time consuming, then I do have a temporary suggestion for this...May be for now, If there is an option to include a fill space for the text, that can also solve my problem. Like an additional option to choose the color for the filling. Black text on White plate or White text on black plate.

This will save a lot of time for me in PhotoShop. And I am sure this will benefit others as well who cannot afford PhotoShop or who cannot justify the invest.





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