#1 2012-08-18 21:25:53


forced upgrade issue

We have a forced upgrade screen (auto redirect to upgrade.php). We enter username and password, but it says it is wrong. I know for a fact it is correct, but it will not allow us to click any kind of "forgot" or "reset" password. Just an invalid password message. Passwords are hashed in the database, so no retrieving or changing via phpmyadmin...

How the heck can we upgrade with this? and why does an upgrade take the whole site down and redirect the end user to this page?


#2 2012-08-19 11:45:46

Piwigo Team

Re: forced upgrade issue

Hi jamessag,

You can regenerate a MD5 password hash using (given as example. Many others could be found) and past it in your database for your Piwigo's webmaster account.

jamessag wrote:

and why does an upgrade take the whole site down and redirect the end user to this page?

Because the new updated files have already been copied on your host and the gallery have now to upgrade your database before allowing access again.



#3 2012-08-19 12:05:09

Piwigo Team

Re: forced upgrade issue

The password changed?! Check in the database if your password is empty or not. This is abnormal, you should consider an intrusion

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Re: forced upgrade issue

If the password has been changed by a hack, it may be possible to change the password in the database.

There are some online password generators which allow you to create the MD5 of a chosen password - such as here -

I have tested this and the password hash it creates is identical to the one in my piwigo database.

Copy and paste the generated md5 hash into the database, then re-login.
Alternatively check a generated version of what you think yours is with whats in your database.



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