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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo 2.5

Hello Piwigo Community,

Piwigo 2.5 is available for download or upgrade! You can read the Full release notes of Piwigo 2.5.0, which includes many screenshots and details.

An advanced setting for protection of original photos was added, to make Piwigo an even safer place for your photos. Piwigo becomes more social with email and website fields for user comments. The external authentication with plugin oAuth let your visitors connect with their Facebook, Google, OpenID or account (and many others). The new web API explorer will help developers to know how to communicate remotely with Piwigo.
In the Batch Manager, you can filter photos on dimensions (width, height and ratio)

* Piwigo 2.5.0 release notes (with screenshots)
* Upgrade Guide (automatic upgrade recommended)

If you have a blog, a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or if you participate in a community linked to photography, free software or web tech, please spread the news!

Piwigo Team


#2 2013-03-05 02:33:34


Re: Piwigo 2.5

I need a shopping cart choice - what happened to to paypal?
If it cant be done then I need to downgrade. Where can I find a way to downgrade?

Alternatively I would use a link to my own website storefront if it is available (custom 'buy now' type button).

#3 2013-03-05 02:58:39


Re: Piwigo 2.5

EDIT: This post just for attn of DHeer re Paypal plugin.
Content of reply  is now New post started in Extensions section. … 84#p140584

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#4 2013-03-05 07:43:05

Piwigo Team
Quetigny - France

Re: Piwigo 2.5

Hi :-)

pewe open a new topic for this bug ;-)

You love Piwigo so don't hesitate to participate, learn more on the "Contribute to Piwigo" page. If you don't have much time for contribution, you can also help the project with a donation.


#5 2013-05-24 08:19:48

simple fonts

Re: Piwigo 2.5

Photographers and artists alike have several reasons for building a gallery website. It increases publicity for their work, it gives them a way to communicate with their fans, and it brings in sales or original work and prints. Because creating a gallery site is so simple, artists and photographers have every reason to do it. Thank you.

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