#1 2013-06-17 10:53:00

SeungTaek Lee

Can pLoader's resizing work substitute piwigo's Batch Manager?

Hello, I have questions. (sorry for that I don't English well.)

first of all, Piwigo is nice to me. it's a useful, easy, great.

My service flatform is... (everything is lastest version)
- Piwigo : 2.5.1 (theme: Stripped, using multiple size: thumb/medium/XXlarge)
- pLoader : 1.6 for Windows
- OS : Debian Squeeze
- WebService : Nginx, php5-fpm, mysql, ...
- and on PogoPlug (E02) ~~ :)

When I add photos to my album, I always run to "make multiple size of image" of Batch Manager.
Because, real time rendering on web site(gallery) is very very slow, it's pogoplug.
after working of Batch Manger, It's nice.
um... this process is a little inconvenient.

One day, I found pLoader.
I expected resizing prework of pLoader to solve this process.
- pLoader works resizing image for using multiple size of me.
- pLoader upload all of resized images.
- It doesn't have to run "Batch Manager", Because of pLoader's above work.

I see the directory, ~~/_data/i/upload/~~~ .
But, I can't see "pLoader's multiple sized images".

Q#1) is it right my think? (pLoader can solve "Batch Manager" process)

Q#2) so, have I wrong preferences? (I matched both of multiple size, piwigo and pLoader)

please advise to me, and thanks to the everybody.



#2 2013-06-17 11:50:08

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Can pLoader's resizing work substitute piwigo's Batch Manager?

Hi SeungTaek Lee,

pLoader was created a long time before the multiple size feature in Piwigo. pLoader is not maintained anymore. We just make sure that it keeps working with new versions of Piwigo.

For example, when we introduced multiple size in Piwigo 2.4, I have decided that whatever pLoader sends to Piwigo, we only take the biggest size. If pLoader sends HD + web size + thumbnail, Piwigo only keeps HD as the "original" photo.



#3 2013-06-18 06:17:58

SeungTaek Lee

Re: Can pLoader's resizing work substitute piwigo's Batch Manager?

Thank you for answer.

Now, I get it :)



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