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user permissions and album visibility

So far searching the forums has not solved my problem.

1. I want to show my albums in the home page as well as the image thumbnails in the album page to 'Everybody', but any further access to larger sizes and downloading the individual images and zip archives should be available only to logged in users.

2. Different albums will be accessible by different user groups.

Changing an album permissions to Private and visible to only one group of users hides it altogether which I don't want. Surprisingly even when I login as administrator I can't view the album in the home page view though I can go to the backend and change the permissions. Shouldn't the administrator be able to see all?

The plugin 'Guest view thumb only' thankfully helped me in my second quest. My main issue is the first one.

Also, I added another site through Site Manager (adding another folder inside the root folder and adding images in a subfolder in it and synchronizing it). But when I click on view gallery, nothing changes. My home page view remains the same and doesn't take me to the newly created site.



#2 2013-06-30 12:23:15

Piwigo Team

Re: user permissions and album visibility

some precision:
Site Manager is bad named : it's to add a photo folder one level outside the piwigo folder :
it won't create a new gallery website but add the photos inside tour gallery

My advice there would to create two album tree one private with the HD and one public with only low def
I notify someone who've set something similar

To get a better help : Politeness like Hello-A link-Your past actions precisely described
Check my extensions : more than 30 available
who I am and what I do :
My gallery : an illustration of how to integrate Piwigo in your website



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