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#1 2013-08-06 18:12:16

Piwigo Team
Quetigny - France

Spanish (Colombia) Search translator

For Spanish (Colombia) -Español (Colombia) language (es_CO)

We would like to propose Piwigo to Spanish (Colombia)

The translation is not started, but translating it a few lines that will no longer be true ;-)

If you want to help translate these few lines and gradually we will propose the Spanish (Colombia)
Replaces the second part (orange on the first line) by the Spanish (Colombia)

$lang_info['language_name'] = 'English';
$lang_info['country'] = 'Great Britain';
$lang_info['direction'] = 'ltr';
$lang_info['code'] = 'en';
$lang_info['zero_plural'] = true;

$lang['%d comments'] = '%d comments';
$lang['%d hit'] = '%d hit';
$lang['%d hits'] = '%d hits';
$lang['%d Kb'] = '%d Kb';
$lang['%d new comment'] = '%d new comment';
$lang['%d new comments'] = '%d new comments';
$lang['%d new photo'] = '%d new photo';
$lang['%d new photos'] = '%d new photos';
$lang['%d new user'] = '%d new user';
$lang['%d new users'] = '%d new users';
$lang['Date'] = 'Date';
$lang['day'][0] = 'Sunday';
$lang['day'][1] = 'Monday';
$lang['day'][2] = 'Tuesday';
$lang['day'][3] = 'Wednesday';
$lang['day'][4] = 'Thursday';
$lang['day'][5] = 'Friday';
$lang['day'][6] = 'Saturday;
$lang['month'][10] = 'October';
$lang['month'][11] = 'November';
$lang['month'][12] = 'December';
$lang['month'][1] = 'January';
$lang['month'][2] = 'February';
$lang['month'][3] = 'March';
$lang['month'][4] = 'April';
$lang['month'][5] = 'May';
$lang['month'][6] = 'June';
$lang['month'][7] = 'July';
$lang['month'][8] = 'August';
$lang['month'][9] = 'September';


You love Piwigo so don't hesitate to participate, learn more on the "Contribute to Piwigo" page. If you don't have much time for contribution, you can also help the project with a donation.


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