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#1 2014-02-25 13:37:05


Details about Register_FluxBB please


could the author of the Register_FluxBB Extension please write some info about this extension?

How exactly is integration of FluxxBB and Piwigo working? What actually does integration mean regarding this extension? Only sync of user accounts or is there any feature added to FluxxBB e.g. to embed pictures from a Piwigo gallery into a forum post?

There are many more options that come to mind how a forum could be integrated with a gallery - it would be great to read about this details.

Also it would be great to have any kind of information available about installation and needed FluxBB modifications - BEFORE installing this extension. I read something about infos available in admin panel on the extension page - please add one simple txt file where you describe features and installation process, so users can read before actual installation process what exactly happens, THANK YOU!

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#2 2014-02-25 17:52:26

Piwigo Team

Re: Details about Register_FluxBB please


See on [extension by Eric] Register_FluxBB page.

This plugin does "only" a bridge for users registration between a FluxBB forum and a Piwigo gallery. When Register_FluxBB is enabled and set, a user registering the gallery is automatically registered in the forum. He can use the same user name and password to connect the both CMS.

There is no pictures integration with this plugin.

You can safely test the plugin. Just add it to your gallery (use automatic online installation) as any other plugin and check out the admin panel for usage instructions. If it does not match your request of integration, simply disable the plugin and remove it from your gallery. Until you set the plugin's parameters in the admin panel, there is nothing to worry.


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