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How are watermarks processed?

Hey all.

I love Piwigo! I'm new-ish to this web app. I'm having an issue with the Watermark feature though. For the most part it works great.

Where I have an issue is when an image is first viewed after upload and the Medium size is selected (Image-1), it creates that size image with the watermark on it. But it's using the full size watermark so it falls off the image.

But if you view a different image (Image-2) for the first time at the size XXLarge. The watermark actually fits on the picture and all images smaller than XXLarge are based off of that first larger image. So for that image the Medium version looks like the XXLarge version where the watermark is essentially scaled proportionately. See example images attached.

I would love for the watermark to be processed always off of the largest version of the image and then scaled down to the smaller images. Is this possible? or to have the watermark scale to each image... Maybe asking too much for a web app.

I realize I can make the watermark only appear on images larger than the size you choose in the options tab. But I want the watermark on all image.

Any help would be appreciated.

Piwigo version: 2.6.1
PHP version: 5.4.24
MySQL version: 5.5.36
Piwigo URL:

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Former Piwigo Team

Re: How are watermarks processed?

I think it doesn't work when using external imagick. However with gd it should work fine.



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