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Tag usage for visitors (User flow)

Update: I think i solved this myself. I keep the smart albums for SEO (Google traffic) and link internaly only with tags. It also requires to have proper main tags and sub-category tags, but this will work.


Hello :)

Whenever a visitor enters one of the albums, lets say it's about food and the album is called cookies. Now if there are a lot of pictures the visitor would first have to click on the cookies tag on the left menu, followed by further clicking other +tags to narrow it down.

So whenever a visitor is browsing very tag-oriented (if there is a huge amount of food pictures in our example) then he would still need to click the "main tag" in order to get the sub-tags of the specific category, in our case, tags like christmas-cookies, glutenfree-cookies ...

Is there an already existing feature, that I dont know about, or a plugin that will do that specific work, that is having the tag cloud already selected the main tag ?

Now why would I not want to use the /tag/ path instead?
-it is not SEO friendly
-wont allow adv.Description-Text(Plugin)
-no permalink tags


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