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Problem with GD librery, installed and detected Imagemagick


When I try add photos I get the next error: "GD library missing".

However I want use ImageMagick and I've installed and it is detected, see the next data extracted from the administration link:

Versión de Piwigo

        Piwigo 2.7.1
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        Sistema operativo: Linux
        PHP: 5.4.34-0+deb7u1 (Ver información) [2014-11-08 00:16:08]
        MySQL: 5.5.40-0+wheezy1 [2014-11-08 00:16:08]
        Librería gráfica: ImageMagick 6.7.7-10

I've read a similar problem and I've changed to the next, but the issue continues (the path is checked, with 'whereis' and executing the path directly):

$conf['graphics_library'] = 'ext_imagick';
$conf['ext_imagick_dir'] = '/usr/bin/convert';

I've add to /etc/php5/cli/php.ini. If I execute phpinfo() I can see imagemagick loaded correctly.

I've installed imagemagick with:
apt-get install imagemagick php5-imagick

Could you help me?



#2 2014-11-08 06:12:38


Re: Problem with GD librery, installed and detected Imagemagick

I reply myself.

I guest php5-gd is a package neccesary too. And ImageMagick only is not enough.


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