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#1 2015-03-05 15:15:11


Issue Tracker for Themes and Plugins???


is there an issue tracker for Piwigo Themes and for the Plugins?

To ask more specifically: is there ONE CENTRAL bug tracker for ALL the plugins / themes or is every plugin and theme author allowed to have any bugtracker anywhere or even not have a bugtracker at all?

I found several bugs in plugins and themes and I would like to help resolve these, but I can not even find a way to report them into an appropriate system. A forum, as we all know, is not an appropriate way for tracking issues, but I can not find the links to the issue trackers for many plugins and themes.

I found a very old mantis installation for the piwigo core at - but there seems to be no plugin or theme bug tracking going on.

BTW this mantis version is very old - are you really manually patching all the security issues that have been fixed in the latest mantis versions? Seems awkward, it would be much better to use some external service ike github to save much time then and use the time e.g. for improving documentation. Or is this not a patched version at all??? I will NOT try this :) - however you should upgrade then ASAP.

Thanks for your attention!

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#2 2015-03-05 15:22:20

Former Piwigo Team
Lyon (FR)

Re: Issue Tracker for Themes and Plugins??? is not upgraded because there is a lot of custom code (critical security patches are applied manually)

to be read [Forum, topic 24695] Switching to Git / GitHub?

bug tracking of plugins is up to the developers, so not hosted on
personally all my plugins are on Github

and everyone else is doing well with the forum



#3 2015-03-05 15:41:23

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Issue Tracker for Themes and Plugins???

I am also moving my extensions (themes/plugins) to Github too and the fact to automatically have an issue tracker for each repository is really great. On our Mantis we started by creating a "project" for each extension but it was not very used and recent extensions are not on it.

I will work soon on upgrading Mantis. You're perfectly right with the problems you mention.

Forum is far from perfect, but it's better than nothing. We also have to better "join" our extension manager with this forum : quick link to open a conversation about the extension, list of "related topics" (based on the appropriate tag).

I've planned to add a link to the appropriate Trac or Github page for each extension from the extension manager. It should be done before this week-end.


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