#1 2015-04-28 02:33:45


thumbnails size mismatch

Hello guys,

having small issue with size of thumbnails, they are set to 140x120 pixels *crop* but some of the thumbnails appear as 139x120? is it possible to have exact 140x120 crop of all thumbs? I am working with piwigo 2.7.4 version.


#2 2015-04-28 10:16:44

Piwigo Team

Re: thumbnails size mismatch

It is supposed to work, but I suppose there are some "rounding" issues. What is the size of the original that does not work in pixels ?
Or better a link  ?



#3 2015-04-28 23:51:09


Re: thumbnails size mismatch

well, the original images are really various sizes, i always resize them before uploading, and some of them are already cropped, so they are not all standard resolution, but for all of the thumbs was expecting that a crop will crop fixed size 140x120 no matter what the original resolution is. Anyway, its not a big tragedy, i "solved" it with giving the containing div for every thumbnail a fixed width of 140 pixels, so its not very obvious that some of the thumbs are 1 pixel smaller than others :) otherwise with dynamic div width it ended up having rows of thumbs definitely shorter than others, which was ugly :))


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