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Plugin Install = pclzip.lib.php : Missing zlib extensions with 2.8.0

I've been searching and trying as much as I can and still am not able to solve this issue.

I'm trying to install the Community Plugin and am getting the following error:
Abort pclzip.lib.php : Missing zlib extensions

I have zlib installed. I have the latest and greatest Piwigo (2.8.0).

I've seen these and it hasn't helped: … xtensions/

And I don't know HOW to implement this fix, which is supposed to be fixed maybe 2.7.2?

Any help is extremely appreciated.

Piwigo version: 2.8.0
PHP version: 5.6.19
MySQL version: 5.6.27
Piwigo URL: http://{localserver}/piwigo

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