#1 2016-11-11 18:52:05

Chris CJB
Portsmouth UK

Contact form to show

Hi Folks

I'm having trouble getting the Contact Form plugin to work. I can get a link to show in the left Menu and clicking Contact Webmaster takes you to the form but I want the form to appear underneath each photo as I've seen in the Demo site in Modus theme. It would also be useful if the email Subject was auto filled with the filename of the image. 
You help would be appreciated.

Temp URL

I'm a photographer not a webmaster so please be gentle and I've some other questions but one at a time.

Thank you

Piwigo version: latest
PHP version:
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL: http://



#2 2016-11-12 06:54:49


Re: Contact form to show


that what you see in the demo under the picture:

is the cmment form not the contact form:-)

Just go to the Options in Piwigo Backend and enable 'Comments for guests' on the comment tab.
The name can be slightly different because i am on a german Piwigo installation.

For the contact form you need to install the contact form plugin.
The contact form will usually appear in the menu bar.
On my site it is:

If you want the contact form to appear not in a submenu you can install the contact1menu plugin.
Then the link to the form will apear as a separate 1st level menu.

Hope that helps

A few hints from my point of view:
You have only 1 album with over 10k of images.
You should split them in different albums. I guess nobody will navigate through more than 400 pages.
Next you should name the pictures and give them a shot desriptions.
If i am looking for a specific picture for what should i search if i want to see images with a helicopter.?
Same is true for search engines: Getting vistors throug e.G. Google might be difficult if all images only have numbers.
You can add more meta tags - at the moment you only have author, some keywords and a description.

Last but not least:
Search this forum for SEO or search engine friendly urls.

I know this is a lot of work, but this is not Piwigo specific.
You have to to this 'setup' in other gallery systems too.

There are some plugins which will make those tasks easier:
Locale Files Editor
Exif view
Add head element
to name a few.

I know this will be a lot of work...

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#3 2016-11-15 10:47:20

Chris CJB
Portsmouth UK

Re: Contact form to show

Hi Ralf

Thank you for looking at my website. I see now the example is a Comment, not Contact form, my mistake. I presume it is not possible to achieve what I was hoping for.

Most of the people who use my library are looking for a specific place so having it searchable by Place Name or using the Map is most important, I’m not expecting people just to browse through 16000 images.

You have pre-empted some of my other questions which I was going to ask in separate threads.
I realise that the images do not have alt descriptions but they all have Keywords with place names. I am looking for a shortcut to make the alt tag the same as the keyword to aid search engines.

I have been looking at the Plugins, but not being a web developer it’s not clear from their description what some of them actually do.





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