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[resolved] double albums after virtualizing

Hello forum,

recently I transferred ~18.000 photos directly onto the HD of my Raspbian Piwigo server. I kept the folder structure as it was on my PC but deleted everything which is not a picture.

Then I synced my collection and I received lots of confirmations and no errors.
Then I read about Virtualize Plug-in and so I installed it and then I virtualized all my albums. I think this processed without errors as well.

It says, that this plug-in moves all my photos from "galleries" to "upload".

Two issues turned up after this:

1. I can not find "upload"
2. all my photos are still in folders/albums in "galleries" but some (not all) albums are double now but they only contain empty folders but no photos.

Can anybody tell me, what I did wrong here?
How can I fix it, if necessary?

Should I re-sync or re-virtualize my collection?

Thanks and kind regards.


Piwigo 2.8.2
PHP: 5.6.24-0+deb8u1
MySQL: 5.5.52-0+deb8u1
OS: Raspbian - Jessie (Linux)

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Re: [resolved] double albums after virtualizing

Hello forum,

I am still confused with virtualizing

Make physical categories virtual and move photos from "galleries" to "upload"

When I check "Album List Management" is see this (example):

Desktop 0 photos . 24 photos in 3 sub-albums
Edit | Mange sub-albums | delete albums | jump to album
Desktop 0 photos . 0 photos in 3 sub-albums
Edit | Mange sub-albums | synchronize | jump to album

So my photos are only in the first Album.

What confuses me:

- What is the second album good for?
- Both albums are shown in the gallery. Why can't I delete the second (empty) album?
- What does it mean, move photos from "galleries" to "upload"?

Maybe there is a general misunderstanding of the function on my side.
Could anybody help me to understand the concept?

Thanks and kind regards.


while keep on trying I found some answers to my questions above:

"galleryie" and "upload" are folders at the backend. After "virtualizing" all folders below "galleriies" are empty, but the folder structure remains. The photos are moved to folder "upload"

So I deleted all empty folders in "galleries" and re-synchronized again, and then all double folders in Piwigo are gone :-)

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