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Where can I find the .tpl file that is used by Tag Groups?


All I want to do with is to add a checkbox near every tag. I can do this easily in the tags.tpl under themes/default for cloud and alphabetically ordered tags (i.e. the default views). However, what I am struggling to do is change it in the .tpl file that comes with Tag Groups, which is also called tags.tpl. Making changes to it doesn't do anything. In fact, I can delete it and I would still see the grouped tags. So where exactly is the template for this plugin?

I know that the changes to .tpl when in Tag Group view work because when I copy the content of plugins/tag_groups/tags.tpl to /themes/default/tags.tpl and add a checkbox near every tag I can see it. I initially thought that this might be the solution, but now I have duplicated tag groups, one with checkboxes and the other one without.

Where is the template for this plugin? Maybe it's not the template I need to change, but the php?


Edit: I found the solution (or a solution). For anyone interested: I disabled the plugin, deleted the tags.tpl from the plugin's folder, enabled it again, got a php error in the header but with my Tag Groups with checkboxes being displayed without the duplicated "original" Tag Groups. I then went to in the Tag Groups plugin and disabled the call to $template (I think lines 161-166) and now everything is fine.

Generally I think the last step (disabling the call to $template) should work just fine, but I haven't tested it.

Piwigo version: 2.10.1
PHP version: 5.4.16
MySQL version: 5.7.28-31

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