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Menu Editing


I'm trying to customise menu for Bootstrap Darkroom theme, I have

Menu configuration in the admin section, which allows me to move items about only.

I have Advanced menu manager, which I can sort of see how it works, but seems restricted to moving things around and controlling access.

But I can't see how to change menu item names, "Discover" for example gives no clue as to what's underneath it or how to edit it's contents.

Anyone know of an easier extension, I can't seem to see any that will allow me to move menu items around or name their entries on the menu, or name the menu itself. Finding it confusing to set up a basic menu.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Re: Menu Editing

I posted a similar message to Eddie's on 20th September but nobody has responded to either of us.

I am using Modus and trial and error with Configuration>Menus has shown:

Specials hidden removes all menubar items except Search
Specials shown adds three items to the menubar - Most visited, Recent photos and Explore
Explore contains a submenu with:
  Your favourites
  Most visited (again)
  Recent photos (again)
  Recent albums
  Random photos
mbMenu shown adds the following (to Specials/Explore menu), but cannot be a separate item on the menubar:
  About (brief summary of what Piwigo is)
  Notification (about RSS feeds)

Albums shown adds another item to the menubar

Related keywords (mbTags) Related albums and Links (mbLinks) seem to have no effect, shown or hidden

What I need is just Recent Photos and Keywords and a Related Keywords item which works.

I will try grappling again with the Advanced menu manager.



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Re: Menu Editing

By trial and error, I have now found an answer to most of the problems I had previously.

The Advanced Menu plugin allowed me to remove all the menu items that I did not want and a switch of themes from Modus to Clear resulted in:

a. more sensible names for menu blocks, separating the Menu from Specials instead of lumping them together as Explore and eliminating duplication of blocks (on the menubar and under Explore)

b. fully operational Keywords and Related Keywords.  The problem with Modus (at least on my PC) is that the Search box is located about  a third of the way from the left on the menubar with Login at the right end and unused space in between (about half the whole menubar).  Menu blocks are located to the left of Search but there is only room for two on a normal screen size (Explore and Recent Photos in my case), so Related Keywords only shows if the screen width is expanded to over 30 cm.



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Piwigo Team
Quetigny - France

Re: Menu Editing

Hi :-)

@jclifford can you give a link

You love Piwigo so don't hesitate to participate, learn more on the "Contribute to Piwigo" page. If you don't have much time for contribution, you can also help the project with a donation.



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