#1 2023-02-17 10:37:18


Both Android Apps Dont Work while iOS app and Browser Does work


I have recently Installed Piwigo on Virtual PC on my network and Port-forwarded it via Mikrotik to the Public IP address.

Everything works fine exept Piwigo won´t connect on the Android devices. Browser works but the Apps Piwigo and Piwigo NG just won´t connect. This problem is only with the Android Apps. iOS app works extremely well.

Android Piwigo - Says connection timeout
Android Piwigo NG - Seems to connect but displays only a blank page (I was able to create a new folder through it, but it doesnt change the fact it doesnt show anything)

A thing to note that at least one of these apps on android are really essential for me to work.

Piwigo 13.5.0
Installed on 13 February 2023, 3 days ago
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.10 [2023-02-17 10:32:08]
MySQL: 8.0.32-0ubuntu0.22.04.2 [2023-02-17 10:32:08]
Graphics Library: GD 2.3.0
Cache size 22.29 Mo   calculated 7 minutes ago

Piwigo URL: or

Does anyone have an idea where my issue could be?
Thank you



#2 2023-03-08 12:34:29


Re: Both Android Apps Dont Work while iOS app and Browser Does work

I'm just chiming in with the same issue.

I originally thought this was related to a similar issue I had with web-based access via reverse proxy, but this sorted that: [Github] Piwigo issue #982

So, in the app (1.2.1) all I'm getting is the same as you, "spinning busy".

However, if I click into search, and search for a word contained within an album I know is there, my photos then get displayed so it seems to be an issue pulling a list of albums. Can you confirm the same happens with you?



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