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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Piwigo 13.8.0

Zentalquabula wrote:

PHP is maturing, Piwigo is not.

These strong words require an answer and I'm going to provide it. But I want first to make things clear: Piwigo is maturing, and a lot on the User Interface side, but maybe not on the way we write code :-) I'll explain why and why we're not going to embrace the "run after every new shining new PHP feature" race.


#17 2023-07-20 13:27:36


Re: Piwigo 13.8.0

Zentalquabula wrote:

PHP is maturing, Piwigo is not. Rewrite everything as OOP, take advantage of all the features, and don’t get stuck in the past. Piwigo could be 10x as fast with 10x smaller footprint.

PWG is compatible with PHP 8 and updating the code base takes permanent effort. I'd say it's mature enough.
Considering that most people use it for free and don't contribute (myself included due to lack of skill & time), I think it's not fair to complain.

If you know a way to make it 10x faster and 10x smaller feel free to rewrite it (or even parts of it) and share it with the community ;-)


#18 2023-08-11 14:54:01


Re: Piwigo 13.8.0

Just upgraded to 13.8.0 and there are still deprecated messages:

stderr: PHP Deprecated: strncmp(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string1) of type string is deprecated in /root_of_piwigo_installation/include/ on line 447

the line is this one:
  if (strncmp(@$tokens[$next_token], 'categor', 7)==0 )

dont quiet warnings with '@'!
they still show up in the logs and should be fixed.

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