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Re: Force HTTPS plugin


I'm fairly new to Piwigo and web development, but I have experience programming Java and can navigate code fairly well.

I've set up a container in Docker using the latest linuxserver/piwigo for the webserver and mysql for the database. Piwigo reports it is running version 13.8.0.

I have uploaded my SSL cert into the server config, and I've had my Piwigo working just fine with https:// on port 443. As of right now, I'm not even listening to port 80 as a precaution. I'm not a cybersecurity expert (as alluded above), but I figured adding this plugin would help prevent unintended or nefarious HTTP requests and force everything through an HTTPS connection. In particular, I would like to open up to listening on port 80 as well and force those to use an HTTPS connection, so an http:// request automatically redirects to https://, instead of pointing to nothing.

Unfortunately, I get the message:

HTTPS unavailable
Your hosting server does not support HTTPS, a SSL certificate is required. Plugin activation is disabled.

I am too much of a novice to know if it's in my best interest to set up something different to take care of this (e.g., a separate reverse proxy server) rather than installing the plugin. It appeared the plugin would take care of the nuts and bolts of requiring an HTTPS connection. If there's a better way to do this, please advise. :)

Thank you!



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Only trying to help

Re: Force HTTPS plugin

Best remove the Force HTTPS plugin entirely, apparently it's meant for some dumb nuts server setups where Piwigo admins don't have other means to hook into server configuration. You don't need any plugin to force https, instead setup your web server to redirect http port 80 requests to https port 443. How, depends on your actual server and setup. For Apache see example … edirectSSL

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