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Exif files - default position from Piwigo devs


Policy question arising from a slight misunderstanding with my web hosts. Miscellaneous looks like a reasonable section for such a question so here I am. Mods, feel free to shift it to somewhere more appropriate if I got it wrong. :-)

I had a couple of error messages on initial installation, to do with PHP handling of Exif files. As I'm on 'shared hosting', a reseller account, I have limited access even though they've allowed me extra SSH access within a jailed shell. So when I couldn't find the php.ini file(s) I asked for help.

One of the support staff enabled the exif extension for PHP-8.2, which that domain has configured for it. I was thinking of disabling it.

So the error messages have gone but the question arises, is there a good reason to specifically enable or to specifically disable the PHP exif extension? Does Piwigo have a policy on this?




  •  » Miscellaneous
  •  » Exif files - default position from Piwigo devs

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