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Unable to Batch Upload


EDIT: I have tried this on 2 computers now, with the same results.

I recently got a new computer and was tryiong to use the remote sync to upload files, its able to login but then it gives the following errors for every file:

15:34:23.044 [Thread-4] INFO  o.p.r.api.sync.SyncDirectoryWalker - Uploading Dunkers_0053.jpeg in album with ID null
15:34:23.044 [Thread-4] ERROR o.p.r.api.sync.ConnectedWalker - Cannot upload an image without an album. Please move the image in a subfolder.

I have Tried reinstalling the JRE, other upload programs, I tried to conenct via FTP, but seem unable to do so as there is no documentation on uploading (Photos>Add>FTP doesnt exist amymore so the current documentation is out of date). I have 43 Albums That I need to Upload but am unable to do so.

Please Help!

EDIT: After checking the logs it looks like something has changed in piwigo. the errors from the logs state the following:

15:34:23.039 [Thread-4] ERROR o.p.r.api.sync.ConnectedWalker - Cannot create album for D:\Card Scans\To Upload\Dunkers
org.piwigo.remotesync.api.exception.ClientException: Unable to parse response
Caused by: org.simpleframework.xml.core.ElementException: Element 'save_visits' does not have a match in class org.piwigo.remotesync.api.response.PwgSessionGetStatusResponse at line 3

Since the remote-sync app is no longer updated, this leads me to believe one of the calls that piwigo is sending back has changed recently.

    Piwigo 14.1.0

Activated plugin list:
    Advanced Menu Manager
    Batch Downloader
    Batch Manager, Description
    Color Palette
    Grum Plugins Classes.3
    Header Manager
    LocalFiles Editor
    Perso Footer
    Rotate Image
    RV Menu Tree
    Social Buttons
    Stop Spammers
    Take A Tour of Your Piwigo

Piwigo URL:

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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Unable to Batch Upload

Fixed. Please give a new try (restart the Piwigo Remote Sync app)



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