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Can't show tags option on photo display section


After registering with your cloud-based Piwigo service and uploading a photo, I noticed that the photo tags appeared automatically on the display. Prior to uploading, I had diligently tagged each photo. Upon demonstrating the process of displaying these tags in the metadata section after upload, I decided to host Piwigo on our own server. However, upon doing so, I encountered an issue: the tags section wasn't visible when uploading photos. After exploring the configuration options under Configuration -> Options -> Display -> Photo Properties Fields, I couldn't find any checkbox for displaying tags. Interestingly, on your cloud domain, this feature is readily available, showing the tags field. Could you please provide guidance on enabling this feature for the self-hosted section?

Piwigo 14.3.0 Check for upgrade
Installed on 20 March 2024, 5 days ago
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 8.3.4 (Show info) [2024-03-26 14:08:23]
MySQL: 10.11.6-MariaDB-log [2024-03-26 14:08:23]
Graphics Library: ImageMagick 7.1.1-26
Cache size N/A   never calculated Refresh

Activated plugin list 12
Admin Tools
Edit Filename
Language Switch
LocalFiles Editor
Protect Notification
Stop Spammers
Tag Groups
Tag Recognition
Take A Tour of Your Piwigo
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