#1 2024-04-30 20:09:53


upload speed from ios on local network any way to improve?

I'm running piwigo on docker through unraid, pretty beefy box.

Is there any server side tweaks I can make, enable more workers or threads, to improve the upalod speed from the IOS client?
I have it connected directly to the IP via 6E wifi network and I'm a week into uploading about 3k images from the phone (half done...) this including a bunch of over night sessions just letting it sit and work.

I seems to get a image completed every 3-5 seconds if I'm bird dogging it (and I lot of impossible uploads I still need to look into).

Any suggestions, anyone else see this issue? It would have been fast to bulk import the icloud library and hand sync it.



#2 2024-05-05 21:33:34

Piwigo Team
Grenoble, France

Re: upload speed from ios on local network any way to improve?

Have you looked at the CPU / memory stats of your server?

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