Get Involved

Piwigo is built by an active community of users and developers, working together in order to create a great photo manager. There are numerous ways to contribute, depending on your skills and the time you would like to spend on the project

Help the Community

Support other users on the forums
and meet other Piwigo users.


You know how to code?

Select issues on Github, fork Piwigo...
... and submit pull-requests.

Submit product improvement

Use the forum to share your ideas
on how to improve Piwigo.


Recommend Piwigo

... to the communication department in your company
or on several websites.

Develop plugins

Submit bugs


You need a feature that does not exist yet in Piwigo? Create a plugin, publish it and make it available to the community!

You have identified a bug in Piwigo? Report it on our bugtracker... or the forum if you're not sure. Describe how we can reproduce it.


Translate Piwigo into your language, correct what is missing or wrong or improvable. This applies to Piwigo core and extensions.

Translation tool

Security Report

Help us to build the most secure photo manager. If you have identified a potential security vulnerability in the Piwigo software or a mobile application, please report it here.

We are grateful!

Thank you for your contributions and involvement. We will always appreciate efforts from everyone and help to Piwigo development and its community!