Get Piwigo

There are two ways you can get Piwigo. Either you host it yourself, for example with OVH or BlueHost, In both cases you keep your full data ownership.

Self-hosted Piwigo

Run Piwigo on your own web hosting, providing PHP and a MySQL database. There is no cost for Piwigo itself but you'll need to update Piwigo when new releases are available to keep it secure and fast.

Cloud-hosted Piwigo

Forget technical tasks if you decide to go with Install, updates, backups are fully managed on a dedicated infrastructure, tailored for Piwigo. You will also get dedicated support from the makers of Piwigo.

Piwigo Mobile App

Using your mobile phone as a camera? Publish your photos directly from your smartphone to your Piwigo. You can also browse your entire gallery in full screen mode, create/edit/move your albums or edit photo properties... with just your fingertips!