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  • Author: plg
  • Categories: Plugin
  • First revision date: 2010-07-19
  • Latest revision date: 2011-01-21
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.1
  • Downloads: 7034

About: A simpler method to add photo with web API, based on HTTP file upload protocol. It does quite the same job as pwg.images.add but in a much simpler way. The drawback is that it's less reliable, because it depends on server ability to receive a large file with HTTP file upload.

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Revision 2.1f 2949 Downloads, Released on 2011-01-21
Download revision 2.1f

Compatible with: 2.1

bug fixed: no crash when calling pwg.categories.delete on an empty category

Revision 2.1e 951 Downloads, Released on 2010-11-14
Revision 2.1d 706 Downloads, Released on 2010-11-02
Revision 2.1c 629 Downloads, Released on 2010-11-01
Revision 2.1b 706 Downloads, Released on 2010-10-19
Revision 2.1a 1093 Downloads, Released on 2010-07-19
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