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GreyDragon Theme

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Revision 1.3.9 (2022-11-06)

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About: GreyDragon Theme

* Port of GD theme for Gallery 3 users to Piwigo
* Bootstrap CSS support
* Over 20 theme setting to customize theme's appearance
* Color Pack support - 4 CP included: slateblue, blackhawk, whitehawk and greydragon. Allows create your own.
* Root page support (requires "Additional Pages" plugin)
* Full control over header and footer elements - logo, favicon, header/footer text, action links
* Masonry style thumbs with gdThumb plugin
* Tab format for photo metadata
* Custom theme for admin area
* Custom CSS option
* and more

Changes: - Fixed issue with undefined variable p_pict_descr and p_pict_comment in footer JS
+ Removed some compatibility warnings by adjusting tags
+ Font Awesome updated to 6.2
+ Bootstrap CSS updated to 5.0.2
+ Deprecated support PNG for IE 7
+ Deprecated obsolete.list

(1 extensions)
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