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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo 2.3.0RC1, are you ready to test?

Hello to all beta-testers,

As planned in our roadmap for Piwigo 2.3, now comes the time for release candidates with the first of them: Piwigo 2.3.0RC1. This version is for test only, don't install it on your live website.

For those who have followed the beta versions of the previous months, you already know that Piwigo 2.3 brings many new features. For others, you can make up for lost time by reading the previous announcements:

* announcement for 2.3.0beta1
* announcement for 2.3.0beta2
* announcement for 2.3.0beta3

1) Changes

Here follows the list of changes available in version 2.3.0RC1, compared to version 2.3.0beta3:

* [Bugtracker, ticket 2426, fixed] admins shouldn't be able to perform any action on plugins
* [Bugtracker, ticket 1729, fixed] Use the picture name instead of file name in the title attribut
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2427, fixed] update jQuery to version 1.6.2
* [Bugtracker, ticket 1078, fixed] ability to merge tags
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2418, fixed] Ability to give the same album permissions to sub albums
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2420, fixed] automatically use the gallery title in the page banner
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2417, fixed] add upload progression details and progress bar
* [Bugtracker, ticket 1797, fixed] thumbnail ALT attribute:use photo title instead of filename
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2027, fixed] redesign the lost password feature
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2413, fixed] move gallery_url configuration parameter from database to local configuration file
* [Bugtracker, ticket 1653, fixed] Upload failed whithout error when image size exeed upload_max_filesize
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2410, fixed] upgrade to uploadify 3.0.0
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2411, fixed] the "Browse" button is only translated in English
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2412, fixed] ability to select GIF files with the Flash Uploader
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2409, fixed] hide permissions by default
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2407, fixed] display upload limitations before file selection
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2408, fixed] change term "old style form" into "browser uploader"
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2405, fixed] display uploaded photos in "real time"
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2406, fixed] create new album before starting the upload
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2373, fixed] Multiple file upload blocked by an error on any single file

2) Screenshots

The upload form was seriously improved. Among visible improvements, you will find a simpler album selector, maximum filesize and dimensions displayed before you select some photos, a selection button translated in all languages, a progress bar for the whole upload and last but not least, the photos are displayed as soon as they are uploaded, progressively.

The tooltip on thumbnail has been fully redesigned, just like the alternate text ("alt" html attribute), in order to improve search engine optimization and to provide more useful information to your visitors.

The gallery title can be used automatically in the page banner. Easy and convenient.

The "lost password" feature has been rewritten from scratch. The new feature let administrators reset their password without touching directly to the database.

You can merge tags... without losing associations with photos.

Apply permissions on sub-albums.

3) Start your tests

Download Piwigo 2.3.0RC1

Please, try to open a new topic in the beta testing forum for each problem you may encounter.

If you can not install this test release, but you still want to test and help us stabilize Piwigo 2.3, we will provide you a "ready to use" test environment. Just ask.

Have a nice time while discovering Piwigo 2.3 new features!

The Piwigo Team

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