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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo 2.7.0RC2

Hello Piwigo beta-testers,

Piwigo 2.7 Release Candidate 2 is here and waiting for your tests and only for your tests, so don't install it on your live website. To learn more about new features of Piwigo 2.7, you can read previous announcements:

* announcement for 2.7.0beta1
* announcement for 2.7.0beta2
* announcement for 2.7.0RC1

1) Changes

Here is the list of changes compared to Piwigo 2.7.0RC1:

* [Bugtracker, ticket 3128, fixed] Add Cancel button on html5 uploader
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3127, fixed] Add confirmation to leave upload page
* [Bugtracker, ticket 2807, fixed] improve display for album dates
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3139, fixed] search photo by id
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3138, fixed] Add lightbox zoom when editing a photo
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3133, fixed] define a general color scheme (dark or clear) for themes
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3130, fixed] [Batch Manager] simplify adding filters by plugin
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3100, fixed] display IP address of comment author on admin page
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3101, fixed] Allow multi language tags to be recognized from selectize or metadata sync
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3126, fixed] can apply Is Commentable on sub albums
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3049, fixed] Add filter box to narrow plugin list in 'other plugins' tab

* [Bugtracker, ticket 3129, fixed] login length limited to 40 chars
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3134, fixed] Upload form breaks on exif_read_data warnings
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3136, fixed] inaccurate search by author
* [Bugtracker, ticket 3074, fixed] [Batch Manger] unit mode, form not validated with many photos

2) Screenshots

Improved design on the new upload form: before photo selection, big buttons to add files and start transfer.

Improved design on the new upload form: during transfer, big animated progress and cancel button.

When editing a photo, you can click on its thumbnail to open a bigger size, without leaving the page.

New filter to find your plugins easily before install.

3) Start to beta test

Download Piwigo 2.7.0RC2

If you can't install it but want to test it, just ask and we will happily provide a testing installation.

Please, open a new topic in the beta testing forum for each problem you may encounter.

Happy 2.7 beta testing!

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