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Revision 1.0.4 (2017-01-20)

  • Author: eliz82
  • Categories: Plugin
  • Tags: loupe
  • Available languages: 2 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.8, 2.7
  • Downloads: 1015
English [UK] Français [FR]

About: Display a magnifying loupe over pictures.

Requested here:
Using this library:

Loupe library web browser compatibility:
-MSIE 11+ (will not work in IE 8, 9, or 10)
-Desktop Safari 7 (minus the scrollwheel zoom feature)
-Firefox 28+
-Chrome 36+

On version 1.0.4 you can use:
$conf['Loupe'] = array('preload' => true,);
in your local config to preload the original image for the client before he puts the mouse over. This is disabled by default as is increase the webserver bandwidth and cpu usage.

Changes: Fix bugs and added some new futures

Bootstrap Darkroom

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Revision 1.4.13 (2017-01-19)

Deutsch [DE] Français [FR]

About: A feature-rich and mobile-ready theme based on Phil Bayfield's Bootstrap Default.


[*] Plenty of color schemes, thanks to Bootswatch. Includes a custom dark color scheme based on Lightroom.
[*] Album navigation on the picture page with touch support using Slick slider.
[*] Fullscreen slideshow view using PhotoSwipe
[**] Supports videos using standard HTML 5 video widget
[**] Autoplay slideshow
[**] Can be started from both the thumbnail and the picture detail page.
[*] Native HTML 5 video support on picture page, too
[*] 100% mobile device ready (responsive layout, asynchronous loading of content, tap & swipe events)
[*] All features are configurable (enable/disable, various options)


* PHP >= 5.3
* Bootstrap Default installed (but it does not have to be activated)

Recommended plugins for best mobile experience:

* GThumb+ or gdThumb (for best "available screen space usage")
* RV Thumbnail Scroller (to keep initial page load size small and allow for easy "swipe through")

Changes: - Fix issue with Bootswatch vs. custom CSS via LocalFiles Editor
- Add Bootswatch theme preview to admin page
- Add support for UserCollections plugin
- Add support for PWG_Stuffs plugin


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Revision 2.10 (2017-01-16)

  • Author: marcsins
  • Categories: Tool
  • Available languages: 5 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.8, 2.7
  • Downloads: 2511
Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Español [ES]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT]

About: Share / Send your photos directly from your Mac Os X : 10.10 to Piwigo


* Multisites Piwigo
* Tree view of the albums in your gallery Piwigo
* Creation of new albums
* Image Resizing, Add Tags,

* MacOS X 10.10 minimum (Yosemite)

Changes: - Some improvements and corrections.

Social Connect

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Revision 2.2.3 (2017-01-15)

Brasil [BR] Català [CA] Česky [CZ]
Dansk [DK] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Esperanto [EO] Estonian [EE]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Magyar [HU] Nederlands [NL] Norsk bokmål [NO]
Polski [PL] Português [PT] Slovenščina [SL]
Slovensky [SK] Svenska [SE] Türkçe [TR]
Việt [VN] Ελληνικά [GR] Български [BG]
Русский [RU] Українська [UA] فارسی [IR]
ภาษาไทย [TH] 中文 (简体) [CN] 中文 (繁體) [TW]

About: Provides various ways to sign in your gallery.

Supported services :
Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Windows Live, Yahoo, OpenID, Flickr, Steam Community, Wordpress, Persona, 500px, Vkontakte.

Each authentication provider needs to be registered first, necessary help is available on the plugin configuration page.

Changes: - fix Google authentication + update setup guide
- language updates

New languages:
* Catalan (Català [CA])


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Revision 0.7 (2017-01-01)

  • Author: ramack
  • Categories: Plugin
  • Available languages: 2 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.8
  • Downloads: 323
Deutsch [DE] English [UK]

About: Plugin to simplify the image rotation directly on the picture page. It adds buttons in the image toolbar to do 90° clock- anc counterclock-wise rotations.

Especially helpful after an import from Menalto Gallery with wrongly oriented pictures.

Changes: first public release

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